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Alex Jones Addresses Rumors Of Infowars Declaring Bankruptcy.

In a video posted to the Infowars website, Alex Jones said that the company is not declaring bankruptcy, but is reorganizing its financials through Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. He also urged supporters to donate money to help keep the Infowars operation afloat. This comes after revelations that Facebook and other tech companies had removed Infowars content from their platforms, citing violations of their terms of service.

According to Alex Jones: "the corporate media and these individuals know that we don't have all this money the plan is to try get judgements that are giant and large that can't be paid, so they can close our doors here, and try to keep me from being on the air elsewhere which they are not going to be able to do."

This announcement should come as good news to the many fans of Infowars and many of Infowars' employees, who were worried about their jobs after rumors of bankruptcy circulated. It remains to be seen whether or not they can put the recent controversies behind them and continue.

Alex Jones' Infowars is under fire from the government and is currently fighting different lawsuits in Connecticut and Texas; which are draining the company's resources. The site is being accused of spreading false information, and the employees could soon be out of a job.

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