Alex Jones Responds to Anonymous Donor Who Sent $1M in Bitcoin to Infowars

Alex Jones talks to his listeners about the importance of the Bitcoin donation for Infowars’ operations and is very grateful for the support.

Image Credit: Tom Bark

Alex Jones and Infowars have been under a lot of pressure recently as numerous defamation lawsuits have been filed against the company and Jones has lost multiple lawsuits and potentially faces hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. The parents of the diseased children of the Sandy Hook massacre who won two of their cases against Alex Jones, are looking to sue him again: claiming that he was hiding money.

An anonymous donor decided to send $1,000,000.00 in Bitcoin to an address listed on Infowars’ news website.

According to Jones, Infowars and its affiliated companies had to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy as the company has less than $3,000,000.00 in its accounts; for Jones this is not enough to run the operations and keep all of the staff on board.

The donation comes at a time when Infowars is on the verge of downsizing its operations - one of the options available is to lay staff off in order to meet payroll - something that the company is struggling to carry out.

The other option is to sell all merchandise in stock, and try to hold out for the following six to eight months.

Jones said that he was at the point of making some serious decisions about the company’s future.

Shortly after receiving the donation, Jones said that another $1,000,000.00 donation had been made in Bitcoin.

This should come as good news to Infowars’ fans, and employees, who may have lost their jobs if it were not for the donations. Since then, more donors have been in touch with Infowars in order to lend their support to the news channel; which is under great strain at this moment.