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An Armed Man Killed Three People and Injured Eleven People Outside Bars in Philadelphia

On Saturday, an armed man killed three people and left eleven people injured in a mass shooting that took place in Philadelphia, in a popular location for weekend revelers.

The area which is known as South Street is an entertainment corridor where many people go to experience the various food and drink places and other sought after venues.

Authorities have identified the three victims as Alexis Quinn, a 27-year-old woman; Kristoffer Minners, a 22-year-old man; and Gregory Jackson, a 34-year-old man.

The suspect is among those who were injured and is being treated at a local hospital for a non-life threatening injury.

Police are continuing to investigate - and are studying a specific video that is circulating on social media in the hours following the mass shooting - it showed a fight that involved at least three people.

Danielle Outlaw, who is the Police Commissioner for Philadelphia, has stated that it is possible that one of the deceased male victims may have been involved in the aforementioned fight, and that person may have been the main individual responsible for the shooting. Two men involved in the fight exchanged gunfire, according to Outlaw, and both were struck.

In the video, two people approach a third individual, when a man wearing a white shirt appears to draw a firearm.

In the video bystanders can be heard saying 'They both strapped."

A gun-fight then follows for a short period of time before the person who is recording drops their phone in order to hide

Responding officers arrived, they encountered several victims on the sidewalk.


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