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Bill Gates’ GERM Team Sets Up Blueprint for Worldwide Corporate Medical Tyranny

The United Nations will head an overarching medical organization that will erase national sovereignty using pandemic emergencies as the pretext for imposing dictatorial rule.

Image Credit: Anfaenger

The United Nations already has a long history of disarming populations throughout the world its U.N. Plan of Action programme (2002); now its aims to take a step further in securing global governance.

Globalist vaccine-supporter Bill Gates has presented his GERM (Global Epidemic Response & Mobilization) team: an overarching medical organization which he says will work alongside the UN-run World Health Organization to detect outbreaks and prevent pandemics as the world does not have such as organization to date.

He says that the World Health Organization does help in preventing pandemics, but it does not have a dedicated team. Gates wants to create an organization with full time and paid experts that will detect global outbreaks. The organization also aims to create germ games with the aim of testing response measures across the globe - results would be communicated back to the organization from nation-states.

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