Boris Johnson Wins Vote of No Confidence

Even though Johnson's leadership cannot be challeged for at least a year, deep divisions remain in the Conservative Party with 148 party members voting against the PM.

Image Credit: Dan Johnston

Johnson won the vote with a margin of 211-148 on Monday evening; the vote was called due to growing discontent within the Conservative Party after numerous scandals involving the Prime Minister: which were revealed in an investigation by Sue Gray and the Police.

The vote was set in motion after a minimum number of MPs required to carry the vote out. 54 MPs: which counts for 15% of the Conservative Party’s representatives in the Commons decalred that they had no confidence in the prime minister.

However, the Tory party's concerns go far deeper - many MPs are concerned with the UK's tax rate, as it is at the highest rate in 70 years.

And there are also concerns with the PM's style of politics.