Brazil: Electoral Court Will Remove Election Winners From Office if They Share “disinformation"

In Brazil, an electoral court has declared that it will remove election winners from office if they have been found to have disseminated “disinformation” during an electoral campaign.

Many have criticized Bolsonaro’s followers of sharing misinformation, but his opponents have been accused of carrying out the same activities as well.

The new regulation will further corrode Brazilians’ trust in democracy, and the President of Brazil himself said that a significant “rupture” in Brazilian democracy may be on the way. Therefore, the President has criticized the institutions; namely the supreme court, and organized mass protests outside the building on Brazil’s independence day, in order to demonstrate discontent.

The new law means that even if Jair Bolsonaro is democratically elected by the Brazilian people, the electoral court could just nullify the result on the assumption that Bolsonaro shared false information.

With Brazil’s upcoming presidential and regional elections in October 2022, if Bolsonaro is removed from office due to the new regulation, it is possible that mass civil unrest could occur.