Britons to Heat Homes by Burning Firewood This Winter

In the upcoming winter, it is reported that sales of firewood in Britain are expected to soar by over 20% as many households turn to using wood stoves. This is because many households want to use their firewood as a way of reducing their energy bills.

Image Credit: Pexels

Nic Snell, who is the the Director of Certainly Wood: the U.K.’s leading firewood supplier, has said that demand for firewood has already started to grow in the UK due to increasing consumer sentiment for it.

According to Snell: “People are starting to stock up now, but I’d imagine we could see a 10% to 20% increase in demand this coming winter, because firewood prices have increased but nowhere near the rise seen in energy prices.”

He pointed to the fact that it would cost around £600 ($710) to buy enough firewood to keep a fire burning all evening and on the weekends. For households using gas or electric heating, soaring energy bills are expected.

Higher energy prices combined with unpredictability in markets are forcing officials and analysts to change the way they think of things.

According to UK independent energy consultancy Auxilione, average annual energy bills in Britain will soar to £6,000 ($7,100) by 2023. By January 2021 people working from home are projected to be paying £683 (nearly $808) per month.