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Canada Bans Handguns While Biden Goes After 9mm Ammunition

Canada’s gun laws are a lot stricter than those in the United States; and the right to keep and bear arms is also not guaranteed by their national constitution.

Image Credit: LovableNinja

After a mass shooting in Nova Scotia in 2020, Trudeau introduced laws banning AR-15s and other semi-automatic rifles.

The Canadian Prime Minister has now said that: Canada should impose a full ban on purchasing and selling of all handguns.

Justin Trudeau introduced a new legislative proposal which would enact strict gun control on handguns in Canada; in other words, he wants to stop the sale, importation and transfer of handguns within Canadian territory.

The Canadian president said that: "Other than using firearms for sport shooting and hunting, there is no reason anyone in Canada should need guns in their everyday lives."

At a press conference, he said that: "In other words, we're capping the market for handguns."

According to a CBC report, the new legislative proposal will include rules on:

  1. Limits on the size of magazines;

  2. Harsher criminal convictions for firearms trafficking;

  3. A “red flag” law;

  4. Taking gun licenses away from people involved with domestic violence.

His government is proposing a new law that would freeze private ownership of all short-barrelled firearms.

For example, all guns must be unloaded and locked in safes; and anyone wanting to purchase a firearm must go through strict background checks.

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