Democrat Congressman Schiff Greets Ukraine’s Nazi Azov Soldiers In US Capitol


by Kelen McBreen

September 26th 2022, 5:56 pm

Meanwhile, Democrats push narrative that Trump supporters are the Nazis

Image Credit: Daria Kaleniuk Twitter

An image posted to Twitter on Monday shows men who allegedly serve in the Ukrainian military’s openly neo-Nazi Azov Battalion meeting Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff on the floor of the U.S. Capitol.

The viral photo shows Schiff approaching a couple of Azov soldiers wearing black suits and some Ukrainian military women visiting the Capitol Monday.

Posted by Daria Kaleniuk, the assistant director of a Ukrainian activist group called Anti-Corruption Action Centre, the caption of the picture reads, “The most emotional moment was when we suddenly met released Azov soldiers right inside the main hall on the Capitol Hill.”

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