Germany Classifies Journalist as a ‘Criminal’ for Reporting Ukraine War in the Donbas Region

A freelance journalist from Germany is under her government's radar for reporting and documenting the atrocities committed by the Ukrainian government in the Donbas region. In March, the Ukrainian government also went on to classify Lipp as a “Russian terrorist” for her reporting in the Donbas region; which threatens the narrative that Ukraine is portrayed as the victim.

Image Credit: stayerimpact

According to Alina Lipp, the German government has already started a criminal case against her; not only that, but her bank account has also been frozen frozen along with her father’s bank account as well - pending a trial that she cannot attend due to her reporting of Russia’s special military operation in the Donbas region of Ukraine.

In recent months, Germany has tried to censor alternative sources of information that provide contrarian views. Speigel reported that Telegram’s representatives handed over users’ personal information to Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office - in a number of cases linked to child abuse and terrorism. People have used Telegram as a means of communication and a way of organizing demonstrations against COVID restrictions.

Faeser told the Süddeutsche Zeitung that "hate" was on the rise on the platform; including "threats against people and against our democracy."

She said that: "Telegram must no longer be an accelerant for right-wing extremists, conspiracy theorists and other agitators. Death threats and other dangerous messages of hate must be deleted and have legal consequences."

On video Lipp told viewers that: “I’m an independent German journalist living in Donetsk. I’m living here for half a year now telling Germans what is going on in the Donbas region in the Ukraine. And for that, the German authorities have started to persecute me.”

1/2 The #German government is fighting against freedom of speech. I am a free journalist who covers the special operation in #Ukraine️. They are going to sentence me now to 3 YEARS IN PRISON for telling the truth. One of our #German colleagues needs all our support!
— Juan Sinmiedo (@Youblacksoul) June 15, 2022

“First, they deleted my material on the internet, then they blocked my bank account, blocked the bank account of my father, and yesterday I got this letter from German authorities that they opened now a criminal case against me.”

Lipp explained her government's official documentation: which accuses her of reporting the genocide of the people of the Donbass region, committed by Ukraine.

Lipp then went on to say that: “These are the documents, and for Germans, support of the special operation of Russia in the Ukraine is already a criminal act, for which you can obviously get 3 years in prison.”

She then went on to say that: “What is interesting, in the end of the letter, they are writing that they are not going to invite me to a hearing because this would disturb the investigations. That’s very interesting. So they are persecuting me but don’t want to hear me out.”