Lockdowns Proven to Cause Cognitive Developmental Disorders in Children

Two years on from the start of the pandemic, there is mounting evidence to suggest that lockdowns have caused a wide range of medical disorders in children; namely: depression, developmental disorders, as well as other harmful effects. There have been numerous studies which prove that lockdowns have caused chaos in countries all around the world.

Image Credit: Katerina Kucherenko

The Royal Society Open Science journal published a study that found that a major effect of lockdowns on children was that they suffered from clinical depression; furthermore, a former SAGE advisor to the government, Prof. John Edmunds has publicly come out against lockdowns: which have had negative consequences that were not even taken into consideration when modeling. Now the Professor has had to distance himself from the entire narrative.

Johns Hopkins University has also produced a major study, which came to the conclusion that lockdowns all over the world have made even more of a detrimental and long-lasting impact on society than they have made in any other beneficial way. In the end, researchers have concluded that lockdowns “are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument.”

Now the Royal College of Speech and Language and Language therapists has proclaimed that children have suffered from gaps in their development; which could possibly widen over the coming years, as some skills were never learnt. The RCSLT has stated that under assessments, one in five children are below average and are not meeting accepted standards by two and a half years old - which means that thousands of children will need speech and language support.

Another report by OFSTED has come to the same conclusion: those children who were around adults that wore face masks for two years now have reduced speech and language abilities. The main reason for this development is that children have been unable to see mouth movements and facial expressions; therefore, these children have not been as willing to socialize with their friends as would have been previously expected.

In the United States, director of the Speech and Learning Institute Jaclyn Theek, has said that her clinic has received a 364% increase in requests from parents that want Speech and Language therapy for their babies and toddlers who are speech delayed. The director says that what she is seeing is very similar to what would otherwise be associated with autism.

Even more studies are being published on the negative effects that lockdowns have had on childrens’ psychological development; one study from Germany has concluded that the reading ability of children has plummeted since the start of the pandemic.