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New Study: Lockdowns Caused More Than 170,000 Deaths in the U.S.

According to a study carried out by the National Bureau of Economic Research in the U.S., draconian lockdowns are responsible for a 26% rise in the mortality rate for working-age Americans.

Image Credit: Tumisu

The study proclaims that the most accurate number is probably 200,000 fatalities: this is because over 70,000 who died while suffering from the virus, but did not die specifically because of it were not considered to be included in the official statistics; and were therefore referred to as “unmeasured Covid deaths.”

The researchers noted that: “Summing our estimates across causes and age groups, we estimate 171,000 excess non-Covid deaths through the end of 2021 plus 72,000 unmeasured Covid deaths. The Economist has assembled national-level mortality data from around the world and obtains a similar U.S. estimate, which is 199,000 (including any unmeasured Covid) or about 60 persons per 100,000 population (Global Change Data Lab 2022).”

The researchers then noted: “While Covid deaths overwhelmingly afflict senior citizens, absolute numbers of non-Covid excess deaths are similar for each of the 18-44, 45-64, and over-65 age groups, with essentially no aggregate excess deaths of children. Mortality from all causes during the pandemic was elevated 26 percent for working-age adults (18-64), as compared to 18 percent for the elderly.”

Their research shows similar results to other studies on other nations throughout the world; and the researchers say that: “For the European Union as a whole, the estimate is near-identical at 64 non-Covid excess deaths per 100K.”

They also state that: “In contrast, the estimate for Sweden is -33, meaning that non-Covid causes of death were somewhat low during the pandemic.”

The researchers then went on to add that: “We suspect that some of the international differences are due to the standard used to designate a death as Covid, but perhaps also Sweden’s result is related to minimizing the disruption of its citizen’s normal lifestyles.”

There is mounting evidence to suggest that lockdowns have caused a wide range of medical disorders in children; namely: depression, developmental disorders, as well as other harmful effects. There have been numerous studies which prove that lockdowns have caused chaos in countries all around the world.

The Royal Society Open Science journal published a study that found that a major effect of lockdowns on children was that they suffered from clinical depression; furthermore, a former SAGE advisor to the government, Prof. John Edmunds has publicly come out against lockdowns: which have had negative consequences that were not even taken into consideration when modeling. Now the Professor has had to distance himself from the entire narrative.

Johns Hopkins University has also produced a major study, which came to the conclusion that lockdowns all over the world have made even more of a detrimental and long-lasting impact on society than they have made in any other beneficial way. In the end, researchers have concluded that lockdowns “are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument.”

The WHO has released data showing that Sweden had a lower COVID fatality rate per capita than most of Europe; even though it refused to impose strict lockdowns and rules on wearing masks just as many other countries did.

The Telegraph noted that: “In 2020 and 2021, the country had an average excess death rate of 56 per 100,000 – compared to 109 in the UK, 111 in Spain, 116 in Germany and 133 in Italy.”

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