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Protesters Occupy NYC Bookstore After Being Refused Entry for Lack of Vaccine Proof

On Friday, activists were denied entry into a bookstore in New York City after refusing to show evidence of vaccination against the Coronavirus; resulting in a fight as well as a refusal to leave the premises.

A recording of the protest shows protesters refusing to leave the People’s Forum bookstore following the bookstore's decision to not allow them to enter as the establishment demands that visitors present their Coronavirus vaccine cards.

Even though New York City's authorities no longer require masks to be worn while inside, and vaccine passports are no longer required for indoor venues as of March this year, many businesses are still imposing their own rules.

In the video, the activists were stopped from going further into the store by a bloackade of of patrons and counter-protesters - who were wearing masks.

At the end of the video two NYPD law enforcement officers enter the premises.

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