Putin's Aide Foresees “Global Famine” Within the Next Six Months

The war in Ukraine has been the primary cause for worldwide grain shortages, and Vladimir Putin’s aide Maksim Oreshkin predicts that a “global famine” will occur before the end of the year.

Image Credit: Joe Plenio

Oreshkin said that: “It is important that in the conditions, for example, of a global famine that will occur closer to autumn, by the end of this year all over the world, Russia should not suffer, but be fully provided with food.”

Oreshkin said that one of the main causes for inflation was the Federal Reserve’s decision to overprint the dollar back in 2020; he has also claimed that actions taken on Ukraine by the Biden administration have had a significant impact.

Both Ukraine and Russia supply roughly 30% of the world’s wheat; therefore, sanctions caused a near 60% percent increase in the price of wheat. The aide’s claims are also backed up by the head of the Bank of England; who has also said that: the cost of living crisis in the U.K. - which is due to enter a recession by the end of the year - is being exacerbated by the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The list of people who are concerned about the potential famine are increasing by the day. The world renowned journalist and TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson - who is known for his role in TopGear - has said that the global food crisis will cause cannibalism, and that many farmers are letting their fields go fallow.

“The problem is that next year many farmers will decide that, because of the costs involved, they’ll use less fertiliser,” he wrote. “Some will doubtless try to use none at all. Others will try to use cardboard or lawn clippings or faeces instead. Either way they will produce less food. Some farmers — I know of three in my area alone — have already decided to fallow their fields next year and grow nothing at all.”

“And this is not just happening in the UK. It’s a global phenomenon and it could well result in there being maybe 20 per cent less food in the shops than is necessary. That’s bad. And then it gets worse because, between them, Russia and Ukraine grow more than a quarter of global wheat exports.”

He concluded by saying that the world was: “hurtling down a well-watered slide into the pit of hunger, misery and death.”

Maksim Oreshkin claims that a humanitarian catastrophe will be triggered by the U.S.’s efforts to take control of Ukraine’s grain reserves.

According to Oreshkin: “In fact, what America is trying to do with Ukraine now is to take out the grain reserves that Ukraine currently has in its possession – just another action that dooms Ukraine to serious humanitarian problems, but also dooms the global community to having big problems with hunger.”

Salvini has warned that the third world is suffering from food shortages, and if the war isn’t brought to an end by the end of the month, then hoards of refugees will come to Europe. He proclaimed that: “significant hunger is expected on the African continent, which will be a humanitarian, then a social, and finally an Italian problem.”

He then went on to say that: “Without peace there will be famine in the autumn and 20 million Africans will be ready to go.”