Senator Rick Scott Proposes Bill to Stop WHO's “dangerous globalist overreach”

On Thursday, Republican Senator for Florida Rick Scott introduced a bill to curtail the World Health Organization's “pandemic treaty,” which he referred to as a “dangerous globalist overreach.”

Image Credit: Miguel Á. Padriñán

In a recent statement Sen Rick Scott (R-FL) said that: “The W.H.O.’s radical ‘pandemic treaty’ is a dangerous globalist overreach. The United States of America must never give more power to the WHO. The WHO is a puppet for Xi Jinping, controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, and helped Beijing cover up the origins of COVID-19.”

The Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee introduced S.4305 — which refers to the “bill to limit the authority of the World Health Organization on the United States and to oppose amendments to the WHO Constitution that have not been approved by Congress.” According to the Senator’s press release, the bill would not allow the W.H.O. to “unilaterally impose public health restrictions on the United States and violate America’s national sovereignty.”

Senator Rick Scott’s legislation would:

  1. Stop any U.S. official from treating any directive or order passed down from the World Health Assembly, the WHO, or any persons or other entities connected to it as legally binding;

  2. Compel the United States of America’s representatives to the World Health Organization to reject any amendments to the WHO charter, unless both Houses of Congress vote to adopt an amendment in a joint resolution.

Over the last few years, the WHO has received heavy criticism from members of Congress. Legislators have referred to the organization as a "puppet" for the Chinese Communist Party; not only that, but they have also accused the WHO of trying to conceal the origins of COVID-19.

Senators Steve Daines, (R-Mont), and Tom Cotton, (R-Ark), have already urged Biden to withdraw the United States from the World Health Organization due to the organization's "abysmal lack of competence" throughout the whole coronavirus pandemic.

On Monday, a letter was sent to Joe Biden by Republican legislators in the House Freedom Caucus, which requested that Biden no longer "empower" the WHO. Instead, they called on the U.S. president to "either immediately resume President Trump’s withdrawal from the body or, at the very least, push serious reforms to aggressively correct the organization’s rampant corruption and ineffectual leadership."