Telegram Handed Over Users' Data to German Authorities While Denying It

Speigel has reported that Telegram’s representatives handed over users’ personal information to Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office - in a number of cases linked to child abuse and terrorism.

Image Credit: Thomas Ulrich

The German newspaper reports that the data belonged to terrorism suspects and child abusers; however, Telegram has more difficulty in passing on personal information which involve cases related to different offenses.

Recently, Telegram has become Germany’s go to place for those individuals that oppose the coronavirus restrictions and compulsory vaccination enforced in Germany.

People have used Telegram as a means of communication and a way of organizing demonstrations against COVID restrictions.

Many groups that have opinions that are considered “right-wing” have flocked to other platforms such as Telegram after being ejected from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

In February, German authorities requested that Telegram block 64 channels due to their content being considered “extremist” by the federal government; later on, the Interior Minister, Nancy Faeser, threatened to enact an outright ban on Telegram throughout Germany and fine the company €55 million ($62.4 million).

Faeser told the Süddeutsche Zeitung that "hate" was on the rise on the platform; including "threats against people and against our democracy."

She said that: "Telegram must no longer be an accelerant for right-wing extremists, conspiracy theorists and other agitators. Death threats and other dangerous messages of hate must be deleted and have legal consequences."