Video: Fauci Admits That Mask Mandates Are About Maintaining “Authority”

While making an appearance on Fox News, Anthony Fauci admitted that attempts to reimpose mask mandates on planes and trains by the Biden administration were not about protecting people, but were for maintaining “authority.”

Image Credit: Arek Socha

Recently, Fauci said that it was not the right time to relax restrictions, and that mask mandates should continue; however, the medical doctor now admits the mandates are not related to health concerns, but are imposed for the purpose of keeping control.

While speaking with Fox host Neil Cavuto, Fauci stated: “One of the issues, Neil, that I have articulated in the past and I will in the future – it’s less about mandates on the plane than it is about who has the right and the authority and the capability of making public health decisions.”

He then continued to say: “I believe that the Department of Justice is operating on the principle that decisions that are public health decisions belong with the public health agency, in this case, the CDC.”

Fauci then proclaimed that: “So it’s more of a matter of principle of where the authority lies than it is about whether or not there’s gonna be a mandate on a plane or not.”

Finally, Cavuto then asked Fauci if he feels that the requirement to wear masks on planes is still necessary, Fauci responded: “I do, I mean the CDC continues to recommend that when people fly, that they wear masks,” adding “The mandate has been pulled back on the decision of the court, but that does not change the recommendation of the CDC, Neil, or my own personal preference.”

In April, the CDC’s requirement for Americans to wear masks on planes and public transport was extended; meanwhile, the administration wanted to end all Coronavirus restrictions for persons illegally entering the United States.

This week, the Justice Department asked an appeals court to reverse an order made by a federal judge in the state of Florida, which found that mask mandates were considered to be unlawful.

Republican Senator for the State of Kentucky Rand Paul said he thinks Dr. Anthony Fauci should be sent to prison for a minimum term of five years for lying to Congress.

The Senator said that: "Fauci should go to prison for five years for lying to Congress. They've prosecuted other people, they've selectively gone after Republicans, but in no way will they do anything about him lying," while appearing on Fox Business Network with Maria Bartiromo.

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