Video: U.K. and Other Nations Are in Serious Trouble

Neil McCoy-Ward has recently published a video on the U.K.'s trouble with inflation, which is at the highest level in recorded history; and nations around the world are going through the same crisis.

McCoy-Ward goes onto say that Western sanctions on Russia and more currency creation are the causes for high inflation - not the war in Ukraine itself.

Inflation was already increasing before the war becuase of the coronavirus pandemic.

Inflation is set to continue increasing while the U.K. is set to go into recession at the end of the year.

Stagflation will start to kick in from 2022 onwards due to quantitative easing executed by central banks.

Despite the dire situation in which the U.K. finds herself, Boris Johnson's government sent £300 million of bellicose material to Ukraine.

People can barely feed themselves and their families, and some cannot even buy fuel, or even heat their homes.

Big businesses and corporations benefited from the pandemic as they had the financial reserves to withstand the costly restrictions enforced by the governemnt; whearas small and medium sized businesses had to close.

It is clear that big business is working with the government to ensure that the game is rigged.

The situation is not unique to the U.K., the pattern is the same worldwide.

Watch the full video: