Video: U.K. and U.S. Food Supply Crises Are Getting out of Control

Neil McCoy-Ward has posted another video, demonstrating how the U.K. and U.S. food supplies are in huge trouble: food prices are already increasing due to inflation which is primarily caused by more currency creation and supply chain breakdowns.

Image Credit: cattalin

Key Takeaways:

  1. Pasta and wheat are increasing in price; some prices are jumping up to 50% according to the ONS;

  2. Minced beef and chicken breast prices are increasing as well; partially due to higher travel costs;

  3. Chips, potatoes and pizza prices have gone down in price;

  4. Severe water shortages have also strained wheat production in Iraq; after the government placed strict water quotas during prime growth season;

  5. Chelab saw a 66% drop in wheat production;

  6. Governments around the world are slashing subsidies for pesticides and other required elements for growing wheat - harming production;

  7. Many nations have banned grain exports - fueling the already severe food crisis being felt around the world;

  8. Farming UK has said that farmers are reducing output due to labor shortages: this amounts to a 50% cut in output - which will hit the food supply badly;

  9. Less labor means that production will be offshored and then resold to the U.K.; reducing self sufficiency;

  10. Famine is already being experienced in nations throughout the world;

  11. Fertilizer prices have shot up in price as well, causing a real financial risk for smaller sized farmers;

  12. USDA raised its inflation range for 2022.

The purchasing power and food supply network are being obliterated.

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