Video: “World’s First” 3D Printed Rocket Launcher Has Been Created

Back in 2013, the first 3D gun was made - known as “the liberator pistol” which was created by Defense Distributed, founded, owned and managed by Cody Wilson - since then semi-automatic pistols, carbines and rifles can be printed at home.

Law enforcement authorities have been concerned about the production of these untraceable firearms, but there is little that they can actually do, unless they license 3D printing machines; which is highly unlikely. Now the world’s first 3D rocket launcher has been created.

Youtuber Ordnance Lab which is under the management of Ordnance Lab LLC; a holder of a type 10 FFL, has published a video demonstrating the “world’s first 3D printed rocket launcher.”

“In this video we team up with D&S Creations, who have developed 3D printed rockets and rocket launchers. We test both a smaller caliber rocket and a larger one, along with a prototype for a shaped charge warhead. This is just the start of our working on 3D printed rockets. We have the launch and detonation figured out, now we need to work on getting the accuracy figured out,” Ordnance Lab said in the video’s description.

In less than a decade, 3D printed firearms have developed from pistols, to rifles, and then to rocket launchers.