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WHO Power Grab Imminent Through Amendments to IHR

International Health Regulation Amendments are set to be approved at the end of this month.

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U.S. researcher James Roguski is leading a campaign with a team of activists around the world to stop a power grab from the World Health Organization - which plans to amend its International Health Regulations at the end of this month.

The campaign has started to gain international traction after James Roguski uncovered and published the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations. He warns that the amendments are intended to hand over decision making powers to the World Health Organization regarding global disease outbreaks.

The amendments were originally drafted and submitted by the United States in January 2022; however, they were only made available to the public on April 12th. As things currently stand, the amendments are set to be adopted at the 75th meeting of the World Health organization: which is to be held in Geneva, Switzerland on May 22nd-28th 2022.

Mr Roguski and his team have analyzed the documentation submitted by the United States; they have come to the conclusion that the amendment will: “give away even more of our sovereignty and greatly empower the WHO to restrict peoples’ and countries’ health related rights and freedoms.”

In a Covid 19 meeting Mr Roguski said that: “The current international health regulations are such that the W.H.O. have handcuffs on because the current regulations demand that they respect individual national rights.”

He then went on to say: “So, now what they want to do, is they want to take off those shackles and undo those handcuffs by amending Article 12, Section 2 line 6 of the International Regulations to remove the limitations on their ability to declare health emergencies.”

It is important to mention that once the articles are adopted, then nation-states have six months to pull out from the new regulations (not eighteen, as is mentioned in the proposal) - if they do not - then they are bound to the new regulations.

James Roguski said that these new regulations will effectively take away every nations’ sovereignty to make decisions on health emergencies.

In fact, what is very suspicious is that the United States did not even request a debate in Congress prior to submitting its proposals to amend the World Health Organization's International Health Regulations.

Roguski: “This is why I am very unhappy that my government has allowed this. We spent hours analyzing these and it is 100% a grab for dictatorial power; it is pure evil.”

“When you understand these amendments you will see how they will turn the Director General of the WHO into the Dictator General; this is indeed the great reset. The amendments they are proposing completely wipe out the sovereignty of 194 nations and hand it over to the WHO,” Roguski said.

The amendments are only available in English; so non-English speaking countries are potentially unaware of what their representatives are going to vote on at the end of this month.

Ms Shabman Muhammed, who is the president of the African Sovereignty coalition described them as a “huge danger to the world” - she is working alongside James Roguski.

Muhammed: “These amendments are in effect a complete power grab of our sovereignty and there is nothing more important than protecting our sovereignty and humanity at this stage.”

The objective of the campaign is to increase public awareness on the new amendments so that people get their representative governments to reject and pull out of the new regulations.

Muhammed: “First we need an awareness campaign in languages that people understand, about these amendments.”

“There also has to be a lot of political pressure on our leaders and we also need to look for those secretly guarded delegates who will represent our countries at the Geneva meeting and engage them.”

Furthermore, mass demonstrations are planned at the event in Geneva, Switzerland and there are lawsuits being filed against the U.S. government and the World Health Organization.

Meanwhile, Simon Senyonga, a Ugandan lawyer, is urging people to contact their representatives in order to do their bit in raising awareness of the proposed power grab. He said: “We need to raise a conscious nation which is able to appreciate the detail in every document, every law, and legislation.”

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