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World Health Organization Admits It Is Possible That Coronavirus Came From a Lab

Despite numerous rumors and allegations that Coronavirus originated in a Laboratory in Wuhan, China, the WHO is now willing to investigate the theory and look deeper into the origins of the Coronavirus; and admits that many stones have been left unturned.

Image Credit: Miguel Á. Padriñán

Evidence has been mounting over the last two and a half years which show that the virus was created through mutation; and to an extent engineered. According to a public document, Covid-19 has a 96% match to a virus sample collected and held at the Wuhan lab.

The strain does not exist anywhere else and is only unique to the lab in Wuhan; the 4% difference could be attributed to gain of function research.

This research is now FACT - and was funded by Anthony Fauci, NIAID, NIH, and other entities institutions.

The Chinese government has been the only entity to support and advance the wet market theory for the Coronavirus’ origin; furthermore, it still has to release accurate data on those who have died from coronavirus in the country.

However, Chinese researchers have successfully debunked the Chinese government’s claim that the Coronavirus came from the wet market after they discovered multiple cases of early infections among people who had no contact with the wet market in Wuhan. More and more research is coming out that supports the lab leak theory.

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